Can’t Pass Up- Cobb Salad


Summer is here with the hot temps and the longer days. My husband and I have been eating lighter and healthier recently as you can tell with my recent blog posts 🙂

This particular cobb salad is from a restaurant we went to in Disney World and I just looked up a copy cat recipe for it because it is THAT good!

I make tweaks and changes to recipes to cater more towards what I like but I used this recipe and then added some of my own ideas:

  • I did grilled chicken as opposed to roasted chicken
  • Instead of the 3 different types of lettuce we did heart of romaine
  • I added cucumber and red onion- so add any extra vegetables you like in salads!

FYI the dressing makes a TON so make sure to half it if you don’t want that much dressing, however, it is so good, we use it on all our salads so the extra bit definitely gets used in our house!

Chat with you all soon!



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