Brooklyn’s First (disastrous)Trip- Dallas

Okay so it has taken me a couple weeks to finally write about our first trip with a baby- as it took me a bit to get over the dilemmas of the trip and be able to write about them, haha!

Brooklyn was five months when she got to ride in her first airplane from Denver to Dallas in February. Since it was also my husband and I’s first time flying with a baby, we decided to arrive a few hours early to the airport to make sure things went swimmingly. Thinking we were being smart, we decided to check her carseat and stroller so we didn’t have to haul them around the airport or through security and we could just strap her to us with the Ergo. Once we were through security we found out our flight was one hour delayed- not bad. We decided to go get lunch at a restaurant to pass the time.


Brooklyn and Seth dining before flight

Once we finished our lunch we went back to our gate in hopes of boarding soon. We come to find the flight was 2+ hours delayed. So we decided to walk around to pass the time, going to different terminals, looking in gift shops, etc. Then it was announced it was 3 hours delayed. At this time we were both so annoyed that I went to the gate to find out what was wrong. The plane had mechanical issues and had landed in Vegas and was waiting for the part to be fixed.

By this time, we had tried to fly standby on every other flight to Dallas and didn’t get on since ya know, we don’t have status. Then it was changed to 4 hours delayed. Finally, at 4.5 hours delayed we finally had a plane and were able to board.


Now that you can understand our frustration, Southwest Airlines issued each passenger a $200 voucher which was extremely generous! Now, where to fly to next? haha. Once we got on, Brooklyn loved being on the plane and was awake the entire flight just content and quiet which was a huge relief for both my husband, Seth and I.

Once we arrived in Dallas we checked into our hotel at 9:30pm. Of course there was a HUGE trade show at our hotel and we got put in the worst hotel room. It was an accessible room, right off the elevators where we could hear everything and it consistently woke Brooklyn throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, we got no sleep and were extremely lucky to have gotten a different hotel room that next morning for the remainder of our trip. After those ‘minor’ hiccups, we had an absolutely amazing trip!

We got to see the SMU campus (where my husband went to school), see a few of our friends, dine at some good restaurants (Cedar Grove was the best for anyone in or going to Dallas), shop, enjoy the warm weather, and introduce Brooklyn to the pool.


A snapshot of our trip to Dallas- beautiful and fun

The trip home was uneventful and flawless, luckily! For any new parents who have not traveled with their babies yet, my one piece of advice is to gate check your stroller and car seat so you don’t have to tow your little one around if you have a 4.5 hour delay 🙂

Looking back on our trip now, we can finally laugh at all of the things that went wrong, but learned a lot for the next trip we take. In fact, we have another upcoming adventure to Disney World come April, so stay tuned for another ‘traveling with baby’ post! (Hopefully this one will be perfect ;)).

Chat with you all soon!





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