Tool Time Tuesday- Tea!


I am a tea addict. Now, more than ever, since I have been fighting a cold for almost a week! The Breville electric kettle is one of my favorite kitchen tools. It boils water in minutes and is much quicker than a tea kettle on the stove. I just fill it with water, flip the switch, then it automatically notifies me with a ‘ding’ and then shuts off once it reaches a boil. I buy loose-leaf tea from Teavana quite frequently (breaks the bank). The pink Teavana perfectea maker on the right was one of my favorite Christmas gifts. You just put your tea in there, pour in boiling water and let it steep for however long you like your tea to steep. Then simply set it on a mug (any size will work), and it strains out the tea-leaves to give you the perfect glass of tea. If you don’t have any of the teaware, Teavana has a great starter kit on the link above. The video below shows you how it the perfectea maker works.

Chat you all soon!


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