Extra Bedroom Transformation

Do you have extremely small closet space in your home? My husband and I have the tiniest closets in our house and it just won’t suffice for the excessive amount of clothes and shoes I have accumulated over the years. Thanks to my hubby, we were able to inexpensively transform our spare bedroom into a fun pink closet.  The rug, the light fixture, and all of the shelving units are from Ikea. Unfortunately, Ikea no longer sells this rug but I found the rug here through a different site. This specific brand of closet organization allows you to mix and match to really make the closet specific to your needs (for example, adding drawers or hanging organizers, etc). The jewelry tower is from WayFair, however, they no longer sell this specific one. If you are anything like me, you probably need more jewelry space and this jewelry organizer allows for more space. The papasan chair was just a fun addition from World Market, but they also had a fabulous pink chair there too (unfortunately it was too big for the size of my room, but it might work for you!). Happy organizing! 😀

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