Healthy Breakfast Acai Bowl


Today I wanted to share a new recipe I found to make delicious and healthy acai bowls. There are so many cute Acai bowl restaurants in the Denver metro area and I said if only I could made the purple smoothie part I could make my own for way cheaper!  The bowls at restaurants are pricey and for me, I would love to have an acai bowl multiple times per week.  I found an incredibly tasty recipe to make these bowls yourself on the Food Network and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new tasty yet healthy breakfast option. This says it makes one breakfast bowl, but I think that it is the perfect recipe for two bowls.

I had no idea what the acai packets were that they referred to in the recipe, and after searching multiple stores, I found them at Whole Foods.  Below is what the individual packets look like:


I topped mine with whatever fruit is in season.  Mangos are delicious right now and they pair well with coconut flake toppings, apples, bananas, or pears.  Feel free to mix it up and use your favorite fruits on the top! The granola I used for mine was homemade by my sister and it was amazing!  I am going to try to get that recipe from her and post it soon 🙂

Happy healthy eating!

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